Hey welcome to my blog,

My name is Vonette Orinda and am the founder and editor of  www.vonetteorinda.com, a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. I've been born and raised in Eastlands, Nairobi , Kenya. 

From a young age I knew I was destined to be in the fashion space. My mother always dressed me up in fancy dresses as a kid and I grew up loving fashion. There is this time back in primary school I secretly organised a fashion show with a few of my friends, we planned to dress up and do a mini fashion show in our class over lunch hour and it so happened on that day our geography teacher wanted us to come to class 30 minutes early and write notes. Me and my friends were not having it, we locked our classmates outside and went ahead with our fashion show as planned. Let me just say the day didn't end well for us we were all punished,we are lucky we didn't get suspended..haha.

I decided to start a fashion blog back in 2012 but with the aim of following what other bloggers around the world were doing and follow their fashion trends. Back then when I started I was so intrigued by West African fashion too and I featured a few model and designers from West Africa on my blog. It was until  in 2014 I started taking my blog seriously and now in 2018 I have re branded and  more keen on working and producing content for brands in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle category.

I've had the privilege to work with various brands and designers on different collaborations. Some of the brands that I have worked with include Jumia Kenya, Hello Food, Hennessy , Moet & Chandon , Wambui Mukenyi , Lintons beauty world, Instyle Kenya,  Fecbek, Mr. Price and Park Inn by Radisson.

I've also been featured and interviewed in various local publications namely Business Daily , Standard, Pulse Magazine, The Nairobian  as well as being featured on KTN, E- Curve.

Am extremely grateful for the love and support from my family and friends and of course you my lovely readers. I wouldn't  have done it without my lovely readers.

Much Love 




  1. Amazing...amazing...I like your blog Vonette! And thats a pretty dope name.. Can tell you also have a unique sense of fashion

  2. Loving the blog Von, really proud of you girl.

  3. wow!! such a beauty and from a humble beginning.. I can tell u r going places, u have taste i must say..


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