Dare to be different!!

'Sup Fashionistas!i had a fantastic weekend hope y'all did too.Yeah i missed out on Blankets and wine yesterday,what a bummer!anyway y'all who went please fill me in on what i missed out!So today i get to post about Korean Fashion and i can say when it comes to Fashion Koreans are daring and quite unique.I sure love their style.
I love the funky look and their shoes they all stand out.
                                                              Mix and match!Girls just  wanna have fun!
Take a closer look at the jacket of the girl who is seated,i like her boyish look.



Vogue China September  2011

Vogue China is just Glamourous!i love the flashy colours.More of these images can be found here and here.As usual let me know what you think about Korean Fashion.Have yourself a fantastic week!


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