Am back!now!!

Its been a minute,av been busy with alot lately but am happy to be back to the blogging world.First i would like to share my first ever photo shoot experience with renowned photographer..Leon Muli.I must admit i was so dissappointed when i left the shoot,i kinda felt like i didnt give it my best.The shoot was specifically for the breast Cancer awareness.I volunteered because i wanted to experience being a model :))!so today when i saw my pics i was like Oh My Goodness,i was so proud of myself...So take a look at them...

I really got inspired by my pics and now am looking forward to many more photo shoots to come.ION i promise to keep my blog alive,i highly welcome guest posts it doesnt necessarily haver to be fashion related it can be a post on inspiration stories just anything interesting,feel free to send it to my email and i will gladly post them.Also i will be doing interviews which will feature alot of fashion in kenya.I intend on focusing on fashion editors,fashion bloggers and kenyans in the diaspora who are doing great stuff in regards to follow me for all the juicy stuff on kenyan fashion!Thanx for reading!



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