Andre "3000" Benjamin: Master of Style

That's Right Andre 3000 has been named Brand Ambassador and Master of Style by Gillete together with Actors Gael Garcia Bernal   and Oscar Winner Adrien Brody.One thing that i really liked when i was reading this article is that Gillete choose ambassadors "who not only were masters in grooming their facial hair but also possessing talent and a strong sense of depth and character--- among other qualities"And i couldnt agree more on their choice of Masters of style.

 Andre 3000 Fashion Style

“I feel that personal style should always reflect who you are and be constantly evolving," -Andre 3000.

Pictures courtesy of Google.

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  1. He's in a league all of his own! Super stylish! Just looking at him makes me hot!

    1. I couldn't agree more Simone,he is different from the ordinary.Thanks for your lovely comment


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