African Supermodels to watch out for in 2012

When i was a young girl i always admired models and i  wanted to be a model when i grew up.I always knew who the reigning Miss Kenya was,Miss World e.t.c.  I even had a diary that my mum bought  me where I wrote done the names of models all over Africa who inspired me.Oh well!...... i grew up and i just grew out of it.So many of my friends still try to convince me to enter the modeling world but kinda short am 5'6,I tried out once  for the Mnet Face of Africa  2009 and I din make it because of my height :(..deep down i really admire supermodels and today i get to look at the models making headlines all over the world.I must admit they are super tall and pretty i sooo envy them....but for most  of them it hasnt been a walk in the park.Its been a struggle to get to where they are.

Georgie Badiel
Born in Burkina Faso in 1988

You can have a look at her images here .I think she is a Rising Star!

Nyasha Matondhze

The very stunning Nyasha Matondhze from Zimbabwe .Born in Harare in 1995.I must say she is young and very succesful.You can get to know more about her here truth about Nyasha.She is a striking beauty.

Louis Vutton Campaign

Hereith Paul

She  be my Favourite Model!I featured her in my last post.She is from Tanzania am sure you know that if you read my post about her.

Natural Beauty...and the shoes OMG!

Ajak Deng

Australian- Sudanese model was born December 7, 1989 in Sudan and fled to a Kenyan refugee camp with her parents and four brothers and three sisters in 2003 after civil unrest erupted. During that time her mother passed away from malaria and she became the mother to her six month old sister. By 2005 her family was given the opportunity to move to Australia, Ajak has not looked back. She quickly began to model and made her debut at the 2008 Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, since than she has been in high demand in Australia and abroad. She is currently represented by Chic Management

Ajak & Ataui Deng

Ataui Deng

She is a Sudanese Model just like Ajak and they both have had shoots together for Arise Magazine Issue 11.

Alek Wek

My second Favourite Model.She was born in Wau Sudan.She is a British Sudannese model.I so love her British accent :).More of her pics here

The boots!

So my modeling dreams may not be achieved any time soon but i'm looking out for these supermodels who are going be doing it Big  in 2012.All the best to them :)

Have lovely weekend darlings


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