Accesorizing Saturday!

Yes i do have an affair with unique  accessories.So today i got lucky when one of my closest friend decided to treat me to these wonderful pieces.I just had to share them with you because  i heart them.I  think  I know  most shops in Nairobi that sell nice earrings,bangles,bracelets and Neck pieces.Like the earrings below i bought them along Moi Avenue near Caprice (that place for fries)just next to Sonalaux hse there is a shop where they sell accessories.That shop has very unique and lovely earrings. The earrings were Kshs 100 each

I particularly loved the plaid ones first because of their colour red which is my favourite colour and i had been seeing such earrings on the net and i knew i had to get me one of those!The other red earrings kinda have a vintage look,but they ain't so unique like the others they are being sold in most shops that sell accesorries but i kinda like them too.

Then these green ones oh my!anything that has a touch of African print i don't even think twice about it because i love African!Ain't they just lovely!

Then there are the brown metal ish...ones i loved the shape of these ones,i also think they are  vintage.One thing about them is they stand out.The kind of earings that you wear and everyone stares at you ears :) telling you 'ukona earings poa'(you have lovely earrings)I love it when someone tells me that.This ones were Kshs 150

As a woman I know that the right accessories brings out you unique beauty.You can be dressed stylish and smart but if you want to make a fashion statement.Get the right accesories and no doubt you will turn heads in the street.Accesories should be part of your outfit not only bangles and neck pieces but also unique earrings.I know these as my mum is my number one inspiration she never leaves the house first without her make up then secondly her accesories,and she always looks amazing.

Ever since i bought this white ring from Maasai Market i just never leave the house without it.Its actually made from a rhinos horn thats what that guy told me the one who sold it to me.And for the chunky bangles i also bought it at Maasai Market.The silver ring on my index finger i bought it from a friend.The white African ring was kshs 100 and the bangles were kshs 100 each

I love the mix of colours here my nails are neon then my bangles pink and purple i love it!

The silver bangle my friend bought me that also from some other stall along Moi Avenue it was Kshs 350 expensive but worth it.Its unique its three bangles in one.

If you need more information or help in buying accessories am here for you to give you advice.Have a blessed Sunday Lovelies!xoxoxoxoxo

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