Kenyan Fashion Up and Coming like Really Fast!

Believe that!So i missed out on the Nairobi Fashion Market which was on March 10th and 11th and honestly i really do feel bad about it because  i really did miss out on a lot.I could tell this just by the hype that was on Facebook about it and not forgetting the photos on street style,the designers who showcased were so awesome am so proud of them.The designers were just amazing,so you will forgive me as i only have pics courtesy of Go Places Kenya.After looking at these photos i promised myself am attending all Nairobi Fashion Market Events.
I particularly fell in love with this dress the instant i saw it,the Fabric colour and patterns i really liked then the dress design the length...mmm...was just fantastic!now Kenyan Designers are really coming up and am loving this.Like i said earlier on pardon for i just have photos and i would have loved to know who this amazing designer is,anyone with info hit me up!

Accessories too were to die for i know Kenyans in the diaspora would love these

I saw these button earings made from African Print and my heart stopped!i looov and i want all of them...

I love these neck pieces,i know my mum would so loov them too!

Nice and colourful bangles


What fashion event would be complete without make up???

This shoe!this shoe!!!!

Clutches!oh my!

Some of the outfits that were on sale


Young Fashionista in the making,aint she cute..!

I can tell that Nairobi Fashion Market was a success just by looking at the photos.Thumbs up to the designers and most of all the Designers!I aint missing the next one thats for sure!

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