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Well,today's post is gonna be abit different,coz i also wanna let you my readers know a little bit about me...hmmmm which i rarely talk about.Yes i do have my not so fashionable moments when i completely feel out of place in this world.There are days i feel so down in the dumps and i dont feel inspired at all...

I havent blogged for a while coz am having HUGE plans,am hopping to kinda transform the fashion industry in Kenya,coz its high time we as Kenyans embraced Fashion,we aint lagging behind this time round...nah!Nimekataa Hiyo(I refuse that).So my Fashionistas in Kenya am hopping i'll get support from y'all am looking forward to doing something abit different in the Fashion Industry here in Kenya...

I have so much going on in my life at the moment am hopping i'll still be able to blog despite that,first on the list is my fashion project the one i just gave you vague details on,when everything is ready i promise i will give you the lowdown,then i have exams in June...Shoot Me!I really dont like exams.I cant avoid them its part of life...:((.

I also want to interact with my readers please please let me know your thoughts about my blog,I know y'all want to see more of my outfits post i promise u will get to see so much of me here...just that am having camera issues at the moment but once that is sorted....i'll be posting so many outfits posts.

Let me know what you like about my blog and also what you don't like,i'll really appreciate feedback.

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Looking Forward to hearing from you lovely people

Much Love


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