Strictly Men's Affair! 2

The second post on men's affair..
Men of Color
With the cold weather in Nairobi,adding up a little bit of color in your outfit as a gentleman  definitely makes you stand out.As long as you pair up the right colors together.Like in the pics below.Bold is beautiful

 Young n Hip
You can never go wrong with having the right shoes to blend in with your outfit i fell inlove with the first outfit here,mostly because the shoes go perfectly well with the pants and the red matches the diamond sweater.Casual nice look for the office on a Friday.

Coloured Suits
Only for the bold and confident.I believe bold colors exude confidence,when you wear the brown suit to meeting,definitely people will be more than curious to listen to you.So again color is a plus!you can never go wrong again if only its for the right occasion.
Confidence in your Style
Be confident in your style you were born to stand out,always believe in yourself.Again being confident brings out a man's sexiness to some point.

Aha!Man Bags yes,its ok to carry one,you don't want to be seen in a very stylish suit then you carrying files,phones and all that kinda stuff with your hands,a simple nice man Bag would be of great help to a stylish man.

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Stay Fashionable!

And have a lovely Week


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