African Inspiration

Hi Lovely People!
I know i promised pics of my designs well ummmm there has been abit of a  delay,but don worry they be coming soon..i promise :)
So i jus want to share with you some pics here which draw my inspiration on African outfits and designs that i came  up with.
The reason as to why i love African stuff so much apart from that.. of course African.... is that am so amazed by the potential Africa has in terms of African Fashion its just a matter of us exploiting our potential s/o far West Africa be going hard when it comes to Fashion....i know East Africa we aint that far from their footsteps....,I must Say that i was totally amazed by the young and upcoming fashion designers in Nairobi who showcased their designs in the recent concluded FAFA competitions.
Am so happy to see that in Nairobi we starting to appreciate fashion and fashion events here are like almost every weekend.Again am so happy about that....... too bad i miss most of them.. i know i know i must make plans of looking forward to attending Trendz this weekend,i promise to give you the low down on the event :).
So back to my inspiration of African Fashion :).....Am a huge fan of its african inspired on tumblr...

more pics on Its African Inspired....thats where i draw my inspiration from...makes me fall in love with African designs over and over again.

Yours truly

Miss Vonette!

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