Following my dreams

I know its been a minute since i blogged....well truth is i have been going through alot in my life that at times i just didnt feel like being close to people i just wanted to be alone,but am better now.I think i really needed that break in my life.All the same i have been more active on my facebook page just updating fashionable stuff that i like.
This is Vonette on Saturday Morning ;)

Am back now with even more zeal to continue chasing my happy to announce that blogging has really been a blessing to me,i never thought i would have a business related to fashion,but i will be unveiling to the world some designs i have come up with and i took a step further to get them done and they are so amazing.I had a photo shoot over the weekend of the clothes that i have designed and am hoping  to sell them on my blog.I must say am so proud of myself for achieving that.I will post the pics on my next post.And to top it all up i have already started getting orders from a few clients.I feel so honored.
I'll also be having a giveaway but for my followers on facebook first.

In the meantime,thanks for believing in me and still being here and checking out my blog once in a while.



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