Colour Blocking,tips,facts and tricks

Currently i have been obsessing over colors especially bright ones.And i came to realize colour blocking is so easy as long as you know which two colors compliment each other... and thank God for the color wheel as it clearly shows how to blend in the colours..

According to the colour wheel,colours that are directly across each other go well together like green and magenta,blue and yellow...e.t.c Also a colour scheme designer does the trick,clearly shows which colours compliment each other.
Here are some basic facts about colour Blocking
  1. accentuating and tying these colours is usually done with shoes and accesories
  2. any solid coloured clothes in bright hues can be mixed and matched to make fantastic colour blocked outfit
  3. play bright colours against each other for bold new  looks
  4. black and white are seen occasionally but can create stunning looks when paired with eye popping colours.
Fashionable people Colour Blocking!

I think colour blocking is one of those trends that are here to stay!Its one of those looks if you get it right u will always make a fashionable statement wherever you go.

Pictures courtesy of google! and NuSophisticate Blog

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