Saturday:Outfit Post

Hi Lovelies,

Hope y'all had a lovely weekend.Mine so far so good.Yesterday i attended a party at my mum's place,its been very cold in Nairobi especially on Friday and Saturday.I totally had fun at the party.I  first had to go to work, i usually work half day on Saturdays,then in the afternoon i had to go see a client who was interested in an outfit from my collection Vonette Boutique  later in the afternoon i  went to mum's place.Here are the pics

I may not be able to frequently post outfit posts through out the week as i usually work from 8am to 5pm and getting time to take pics at the office can be kinda tricky,thats why my outfit posts are not so frequent.I will be doing outfit posts mostly over the weekends atleast then i have time to do so.

The African Fabric bangles and earrings i have worn are my latest projects :-),by this i mean i actually made them,i will be launching my line of Earrings and Bangles made of African Fabric and they will be for sale on my blog as from next week on Tuesday,i have made a variety of them,no worries more info will be available on Tuesday.

A summary of the whole outfit:

The trench coat---thrift shop
Sweater top----Gifted
Tights---------Jamia Mall
White Peep toes---Mutindwa Market
Bangles&Earings-----Vonette accessories

Have a lovely week y'all and thanks for passing by.



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