How to Wear Coloured skinny Jeans

I have always wanted to own a pair of colored skinny jeans but at times knowing how to style them can be a bit of a challenge.So i have done my research on colored skinny's and how to rock them with fab shoes and tops as am thinking of going shopping this weekend and colored skinny jeans is on top of my a must buy list.Anything to do with colored outfits you must have the color wheel in mind as you need to know which colors actually compliment each other because you don't want to look like a clown.So you can check out my post on colour blocking tips,facts and tricks you will get to learn more.

Bright Versus Neutral Colours
When you not so sure about the bright colours you can always pair the bright coloured skinny's with neutral colours.

Bright Coloured skinny Jeans
When you colour block you can never go wrong!

Different colours of skinny Jeans you can get from the shop

Where to buy coloured Skinny Jeans
  • Mr.Price
  • Jamia Mall
  • Toi Market
  • Elegant Exhibition(along moi avenue)
Keep it here as i will be posting pics of me in coloured skinny Jeans.Have a lovely weekend darlings!

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