OutFit Post:Sheer Chiffon Top and denim Jeans

Hi Y'all

Hope you enjoying your holiday as much as i am despite the fact that am still working....Since yesterday was a public holiday here  i took the advantage of the beautiful weather and went to Taj Mall,Embakasi and while i was there i had a chance to take pics of what i wore.:)

                      My hair looks a mess here,it was a bit windy there

Sheer Chiffon top --Elegant Exhibition,Moi Avenue
Rugged Denim Jeans--Jamia Mall
Pink Heels-----some exhibition in town cant remember the name
Fabric Bangles----handmade by me
Necklace---super Cosmetics

Still looking for the best photo editor some of my pics are not so clear.If you know of any please advice i will be more than greatful.

Wishin y'all Happy Holidays!


Keep it Vonette!


  1. The bangles : lovely accessory
    I want the demi but a plus size hun
    ur looking wonderful as always

  2. Thanks Zahra,the bangles will be up for sale possibly from next week...better get yourself one and also for your friends.

  3. Love your outfit, especially the jeans.





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