Street Style South Africa

One thing about street style is that its a unique expression of ones style and individuality and this amazing Street Style Blogger from South Africa captures just that!He is Anthony Bila."a young man who has a great eye for style (on himself and on other people) and he also knows some stylish people. As the name of his blog suggests, Bila is interested in people whose style expresses their personalities, rather than those who are like walking catalogues. On the Expressionist, Bila also posts pictures of his artworks. It's simple, with minimal wording and maximum style".-Sunday Times.I think of him as Africa's Tommy Ton as he captures unique fashion moments in the streets.

 I love it when street style photographers take a pic of the exact unique thing you are wearing like in the photo above he took a photo of just the cap.Its really nice.

More of this amazing Street Style Pics on his blog The Expressionist

I would love to know what your thoughts on South Africa Street Style,personally i think when it comes to Fashion South Africans really know how to pull it off.



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