Strictly Men's Affair! 3

So I recently started this segment on men's style some time back but i failed to keep up with it,for some reason blogging about men's fashion can be abit of a challenge for a female fashion blogger but all the same am gonna give it a try I hope i can Keep up.When it comes to fashion especially for men i think a guy should find a style that suits him or rather compliment him.You just don't wear skinny pants because you saw Chris Brown rocking them and you thought you would look the it doesnt work that way.I would advice a guy to try out different looks until he finds one that suits his body,personality so that when you out there you actually look fabulous.So get to know what style suits you and then go all out on it by that i mean maximize on it.
So here are different looks you can try out!

The same logic on what style suits you also applies when you buying a suit,guys should go for suits that bring out the best in them,match it with a proper shirt,good shoes and most of all the suit should not be too big or too small,let it be the perfect fit for you.

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Keep it Vonette!

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