25 on the 27th!!

Hey Lovely People!

Yes i turned 25 years old yesterday 27th Jan.For me this was a different kind of birthday as i decided to have lunch with my boyfriend instead of the usual partying all night long.
We had Lunch at The Tribe hotel.

What i wore

Little Black Dress(LBD)-Collabor International
African Print Doll shoes-Splendide Clutch Bags
African Print clutch bag-splendid clutch bags
African print bangles and earings-splendid clutch bags

As i turned 25 years old i reflected on my life on my past and the dreams i want to achieve,well i have learnt alot and grown so much when i was 24 because at some point in my life i think i lost track of  my dreams and chased after the wrong things in life but all in all i always believe experience is the best teacher and now i look forward to soo much more in my life.Hoping that i will accomplish half of my fashion dreams!
Thanks for reading!




  1. You look lovely Vonette. I especially love the doll shoes. The whole look is simple yet lovely.! PS: I read that you are a fashion designer. Would really love for you to make me something..! How do i go about contacting you? Or can i do it here.? Too many questions.! pardon me!..hehe.

  2. Hi Emma,thanks..you can get in touch with me on 0702673058


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