Blog Review 2012

Happy New year to all my lovely readers!

I must say 2012 has been a great year for me in blogsville!I can say i achieved some of the goals i had set out for myself,like featuring more outfit posts on the blog,which i think i really tried.Here is a review of the outfit posts on my blog.

Most of my outfit posts kinda give me memories on the different life experiences i have been through like when i launched my boutique in July,It was the most life changing experience for me because i actually realized my dream and am happy it was and still is a success.This year i Plan to grow further with that.I intend to have my own unique line and as i climb up the ladder of being a designer i pray and hope for success to follow me all through.
During December 2012 i didn't blog much because i was on Holiday down at the coast(Mombasa).I have never had so much fun like i did while i was there.Here are a few pics of those fun times.

Me and my Bestfriend at the Beach!

My Mum and my Sister
2012 has been a good year and this year i look forward to blogging in a better and bigger way.I wish you all an amazing 2013!
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  1. Vonette! i like your blog. I see you are a designer.:) Would love for you to make me a dress/skirt. Let me know how to go about it. Happy new year!

  2. happy new year to you!


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