A Dressy Affair at the Grammy's 2013


So i always promise myself every now and then that am going to be consistent in blogging but then life happens i get so busy with lots of things in my life that i end up neglecting my blog which is not good at all.So am planning to blog atleast every day of the week...hehehe yes am that ambitious..lol and each day i will come up with different themes i think that would be easier and am also going to feature guest bloggers!!!that will be fun for sure.Enough about me...now now now The grammy's 2013...well some celebrities went out of their way as usuall to look spectacular!

J-Lo,Alicia Keys and Kelly Rowland!talk about sexy....they look stunning in these black dresses!I particularly loved Kelly's dress.

Aaaah!Gentlemen in suits!!Justin Chris Brown and Drake they sure did make an effort to look dapper!

Janelle Monae!Looking amazing as usual a look i should try out someday!

Katy Perry and Natasha Beddingfield...oh well Natasha's Dress is nice nothing much to say aboutsame goes to Katy Perry.

Rihanna's Red Dress was definately one of the best looks for the day,she looks beautiful and innocent all covered up ,dont you think?lol

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