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I had an awesome weekend!hope you did to!So am really working towards blogging each and everyday under different themes!That will make the blog more interesting :).Before i go on i would like to bring to your attention that my Blog is actually 2years old!Thats right i started blogging in Feb 2011!Its been an amazing Journey,i have learnt so much and i have met so many people thanks to my blog.Am greatful for all of my followers in FaceBook and blogger and to that reader who always keeps coming to check out my posts!

The feeling i get when am blogging is just priceless!I love my blog to bits that's for sure!
I will do another detailed post on my blog journey just to summarize how Fashion Blogging has been for me.
For now we go ahead with Inspiration Mondays!Basically about Fashion Inspiration from all over the world,mainly Fashion pics of what designs/looks inspire me!

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Keep it Vonette!

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