Make Up Wednesdays:The Red Lipstick


Yes i know its thursday but i really wanted to post this its make up wednesdays on thursday..:-)!Yes!Now lets get to it...:-).I actually never liked lipsticks at all!anything coloured on my lips was a no no for me but then again when you grow up thinks change,the things that you used to not like you fall in love with them.
So my lipstick journey started with a pink lipstick as i was too afraid to try out a red one..:-)

Before deciding on which lipstick to apply,you should get a colour that matches your skin tone.The good thing is that there are different shades of colours that can match with your skin tone.You just cant walk into a beauty shop and say i want a red can buy one that will totally dissappoint you.So keep in mind your skin tone when buying a lipstick.
After gaining confidence i finally bought a red lipstick but i first did my research on how dark skinned girls should look in redlipstick..hehehe i didnt want a trial and error situation so i got me a Sleek Red lipstick pearl wine no.542..and the moment i tried it on i completely fell in love with it!

I couldn't wait to get home and try it on vizuri meaning well in Swahili...whats your take?Are you bold enough to try?

Between the red and the pink Lipstick i would say i love the red one totally works for me!Hope you have enjoyed my make up post...

From me n my Puppy Damian..Have a lovely weekend!

P.S sorry the pics aint so clear i had to use my instagram photos :-(


Keep it Vonette!


  1. Love your confidence to try new things.....hehehe...i have never tried lipstick though.

  2. Thanks Dear,thats what Fashion is all about taking that risk and looking fabulous!

  3. All you need is recently washed hair, a ponytail holder and a few hair pins .


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