Trend Alert Tuesday!

Hi Fashion lovers!

Today is all about trends!whats hot this season.That is Pastels and Monochromes!Pastel colors are mainly peach,soft aqua blues.I particularly love this look because the colours are cool and unique they aint as bright as neon colours and have a soft appeal to it.

Accessories too have a huge role to play in any given outfit.You have to know what blends in with the outfit.Accessories ain't just the jewellery only but also the nail polish you have on adds some sort of impact to your outfit so always remember to accessorize well to add an extra glam to your outfit.

Another trend this season is the Black and white Monochrome look!

A simple look to pull out thats if you not into pastel colours.You can never go wrong with this two colours...Black and White!

Beyonce pulled off a monochrome look on the recent Grammy awards.Simple nice...huh!

Monochrome doesnt have to be in black and white only it can be in different colours.

Have a fantatsic day!



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