African Prints Accessories!

When i started my own business in African Print stuff it was and its still is for the passion of African Fashion.If anything i started fashion blogging because i kind of felt African Fashion is not  being given the credit it deserves especially to the designers.So i would feature different designers in Africa on my blogger.If you are an ardent follower on my blogger you will notice this but i later sort of diverted from that and it doesn't mean i no longer have interest in African designers,if anything i adore both the emerging designers and those who have already created a name for themselves out there.Anyway let me not loose focus here...i have noticed that currently in Kenya,the love of African Print or rather Kitenge trend is actually catching up fast with us.I recently attended an event hosted by creatives garage an amazing platform for people who talented in various arts,i showcased my African Print accessories and the response was quite good,people want to be associated with Africa either in printed t shirts or just simple print bangles or earrings.Even celebrities like Solange Knowles want to be associated with the African Print

Here is a pic i recently took rocking one of my African Print bangles

We also need to embrace our own African made stuff and support each other not just letting it be for the tourists who come to our country.So y'all Kenyan Ladies reading this post,atleast make a point of owning an african accessory in your wardrobe,it can even be just a simple African print Clutch bag,speaking of which,my next post will be all about how my first showcase at the creatives garage was!You dont want to miss out on that.

Have an amazing Day and yes Keep it African

If you would like to have a set of African Print Accessories(Bangles and earings)feel free to make an order here and i will get back to you asap.



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