EVENT REVIEW:Creatives Garage Turning One Party

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The Creatives Garage Turning One Party is an event that i was happy to be part of,its amazing to see the talent that people have out there.The Creatives Garage is basically a platform for the people who are talented in various forms of art from spoken word,fashion design,visual artists,graffiti artists,poets...you name them.I had the chance to be apart of this event where i was one of the exhibitors,showcasing the various African Print stuff i make...clutch bags,earings,bangles and t-shirts.

clutch bags and earings
I got to meet talented guys in various forms of art and i was more than dazzled by the talent that is out there,I particularly couldnt get enough of Nuru Bahati's art,he is a visual artist and a very lively person.

Nuru Bahati ,Visual Artist
I also met other designers like manciny Neemoh who also does African Print Bangles,earings ....i liked her style..

I can say Creatives Garage is good platform for guys who love and are talented in any form of art,so if you out there wondering how you can be part of this amazing platform join their FaceBook page here and look out for the next event and make a point of attending.Here are some of the pics from the event,for more pics check out creatives garage facebook page

I will be exhibiting my stuff at a different upcoming event,so if you didnt make it for this particular event,make sure you don't miss on the next one,keep it Vonette for more updates on that!

Photo Credits Creatives Garage FaceBook Page

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  1. Hi. How would i be able to get a hold of your stuff?

  2. Hi Christine,you can reach me through my facebook page,just tell me what you would like and i will get back to you asap.

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