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If you haven't noticed by now there is a new hair trend taking over Nairobi...Natural Hair!I gives me goose bumps  when i think about it because it reminds me of my child hood...lol...i never liked my natural hair especially when my mum took us(me n my sis) to the salon to get our hair blow dried,i used to be so dramatic as  i never liked the heat!being plated those back to school lines..sigh!not my favorite child hood memories.Thank God for growing up because you have the freedom to do whatever you want with your hair.Am not really into  natural hair if anything i prefer my hair protected hidden in braids or weaves because my hair is really sensitive and takes ages to grow!

But when i came across this group on Facebook Tricia's Naturals i had a change of heart about my hair,maybe i will start my Natural Hair Journey and update you about it here on the blog.What i like about the group is the way Kenyan Sisters encourage each other,give advice and tips on natural hair!it's quite interesting,if you into Naturals you will feel at home in this group.My only fear about turning Natural is that i would be a product junkie and also am not a patient person,am the kind of person who wants to see results there and then which isn't the case when it comes to Natural Hair as patience is a virtue.
The closest i will get to being Natural is the straw set am thinking of having  this  weekend at Tony Airo's Salon,hope that goes well for me.

A few tips and pics for Natural Hair Lovers!

Natural Hair kinda makes you get this natural pretty look,don't you think?Check out this gorgeous ladies.

So if you love or admire  Natural Hair and wondering where do i start?Tricia's Naturals is the group to join as you will get enough tips and you get to ask and share your thoughts on Natural Hair!
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