My Favourite Top 10 You Tube Channels on Fashion,Make Up and styling Tips.

Lately i have been obsessed with watching you tube channels on fashion and beauty thanks to one of my lovely friend Kangai.She is a make up artist who is perfect at what she does and you can see it from her YT channel.My crazy obsession to make up too led me to different amazing and talented people on you tube,so here are my favourite channels i watch at least every week to learn more on fashion and beauty.
1.Bellesa Africa
A make up channel by Kangai.What i love most about Bellesa Africa is the way she explores different looks on her models.Check out her videos i can tell you for sure you won't be disappointed,all you have ever wanted to know about locally available products you can use on your face she will advice on where to get them.

2.Wendy's Look Book
I love wendy she is one of the best fashion bloggers i have come accross so far.Her Photos are crystal clear,her videos just perfect and above all her style is to die for...she looks amazing in any outfit she puts on.Am really inspired by her,I read her blog daily!

3.Shameless Maya
Another channel that really inspires me is Shameless Maya.She shamelessly promoted herself for bold and brave of her.Her channel clearly shows her journey to promoting herself,she hers some crazy videos and i totally love her personality too.

4.Shirley B. Eniang
Her videos are extensive from make up to styling tips to her day to day looks.She gives an insight of what she wore and also does make up tutorials.

5.Beauty By Lee
Her make up tutorials are amazing,i really admire how she does them and also the way she styles her hair according to her make up look.Love it!love it!

6.Beauty Crush
Her Videos are nice,i like the simplicity of her videos and also her style.She is really good at what she does!from make up to styling her outfits.

7.Beauty by JJ
If you love human hair weaves like i do,you will definately love this channel,JJ does reviews of human hair weaves and also make up tutorials.I follow her on instagram i lover he photos she is really beautyful.

8.Michelle Phan
Michelle is really talented in transforming her looks using make up.Check out this tutorial on  Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen.Really cool right!

9.This is Ess
Our very own kenyan fashion blogger who i really admire,i like her channel too.From make up to styling all that you find on her channel.

10.Tiarra Monet
Tiarra kinda looks like Gabriell Union!I enjoy her make up tutorials especially the ones inspired by music videos.She is also creative..i mean who would think of putting lipstick on a weave to add colour to it?check out her tutorial here to understand what i mean.

All these videos have really inspired me and i thought of creating a you tube channel for my blog!!!and am so excited cant wait to share with you all my styling,beauty and fashion tips.I just got me a camera which i think will do good clear soon as my channel is set up,i will definately share it with you.Am so excited about it.
Have an amazing weekend & stay safe



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