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Hello Beautiful people!
Hope your weekend was awesome!I stayed indoors the whole weekend I honestly didn't even  leave the house until today morning when i was coming to work.The weather in Nairobi ain't pleasant at all its dull & cold.Here is what i have been up to,I thought i would share with you my step by step make up routine because lately i have been a make up addict,nowadays its almost impossible for me to leave the house without putting on a bit of make up.So here is how i do it:

This were the key make up essentials i used:Liquid Foundation-Black Opal Beautiful Bronze,Face Powder-Suzzy Beauty  SB 60,Eye shadow pallet - O'Loral,Lipstick Sleek Pearl wine & Island Beauty Pure Pink.
The first Step i did was to wash my face with Neutrogena Facial Wash then i applied a moisturizer on my face.Moisturizer is really important as it acts as a sealant to keep the skin's natural moisture from evaporating through the pores.
Second step:I used Black Opal Liquid foundation,beautiful bronze.I prefer black opal to sleek foundation as its lightweight and oil free as compared to sleek liquid foundation which is bulky and after a few hours your face becomes oily...i don't like that at all!!So i tried using a liquid foundation brush as an applicator which i found it to be too much work,i think i would rather stick to the sponge and leave the brush to the make up artists.

Third Step:Suzzy Beauty Face Powder to even out my skin.The liquid foundation when applied makes the face look more smooth  while the powder also makes it smooth and adds polish to any make up.
Fourth Step:was my eyes i applied a little bit of eye shadow on my eyelids as you can see above then i also applied mascara on my eye lashes i used M.A.C water proof mascara.The good thing about mascara is it thickens and lengthens eye lashes making them more visible.I also used eye pencil on my eyebrows i just brushed it over my eyebrows to just add abit of colour,if you press it so much you end up looking funny.
Fifth Step:Lipstick...i used 2 different Red lipsticks, sleek the one with matte and Island Beauty without matte,i did this because I love both of them Sleek has this red rich color but i don't like how it shines so i reduce that by using island beauty on top of it.So for the first layer i apply sleek then second layer i use island beauty Red lipstick.

Then I also decided to try on another shade of lipstick Island Beauty Pure Pink.I heart this pink Lipstick,it was my first time trying it out and i fell in love.What i love about the Island Beauty Brand is that their lipsticks tend to last longer compared to sleek Lipsticks that's from my own point of view.

So here is a summary of my make up transformation:The Before and after Shots.

What are your make up essentials,what can't you leave the house without applying?For me as you can see its foundation and lipstick that's a must.
P.S Special Thanks to my boyfriend for taking the pics!

Have an amazing week y'all and thanks for reading my blog!


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