Recap of The Nairobi Fashion Week 2013

I had an unforgettable experience at the Nairobi Fashion week.The event was all out to promote upcoming young designers in the fashion industry and all the designers who showcased at the event went out of their way  to make sure that their designs stood out.One designer really stood out for me was Ann McCreath's daughter who was the designer for the Kikoti Collection.

If you look closely at the models you can see they had bands of Hands off our elephants campaign this is because the Line supports that campaign,which i find it to be really cool considering that poachers are causing havock to our wildlife.
The turn out at the event was also impressive but the event started rather late at around 8:30pm something i think event organisers should work on next the event was meant to kick off from 7pm.I really didn't take so many photos as i thought i would because i was using my phone and the photos were not that clear as you can see,but not to worry next time the pics will be better i promise.A few of the fashionable people at the event..

Miss Joy Kendi(in leather skirt) and Shitawah(in the lovely fur coat) both fashion bloggers and stylists and their friend( in white jeans).They all looked fabulous at the event.

This young ladies all looked lovely i particularly like the stripped peplum dress very classy and fashionable.
I didn't manage to take a full photo of what i wore unfortunately but this is just a glimpse of how i looked.

For more photos on how the event was check out The Nairobi Fashion week .page on facebook,as it was a three day event.
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