T.G.I.F:Funky Friday

Like i said,am loving the weather,just perfect hope it stays that way and doesn't get cold.Am such a sucker for polyvore sets and once i start creating them i just cant stop,i feel like going on and on clearly am in love with styling.When i come across amazing sets like this one i feel obliged to share them on my Facebook page and as long as it doesn't have my Vonette logo on it just know it hasn't been put together by me.There are lots of creative people out there that's for sure,my favourite sets:

Words can't even describe how much i heart Janelle Monae's style,i respect her for her exquisite look and creativity when it comes to fashion.

Miss Bee!looking all classy and dazzling..i think black and white is the simplest look to go for for some reason there is usually some sort of "classyness"  to it.

For this particular set what attracted me was the colour block(blue n red)so perfect and the blue pants are to die for!
You can check out more sets on shortyluv's polyvore.

Have an awesome weekend & always stay Fabulous.



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