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Hey Fashionistaz!

Thank God its Friday!I have had an awesome week cant complain.As you can see on my face book page i have become more active finally.I decided to grow in terms of my posts,i will no longer just focus on fashion alone but also makeup,hair posts and very soon i will pick up on my outfit posts as soon as i get a new camera.Onto Curvy n Confident,i got to admit i admire the confidence in curvy fashion bloggers,I have come across some of their blogs and I like the message they don't have to be petite skinny to be fashionable.Gone are the days when curvy women would hide themselves in baggy outfits these days its all about embracing the curves.Check out this set i put together on how you can style your curvy self!

I heart this dress!she definately looks gorgeous in it!

Then there is this other set,in my opinion i think curvy ladies look way better in boyfriend jeans than we petite skinny ladies.Personally i like boyfriend jeans but i wouldn't get myself one as its just not my style,i doubt if i would look good in them as i tend to think curvy ladies look better in them.

What are your thoughts on being Curvy and Fashionable?Let me know..
Have an awesome weekend and be safe!

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