Inspiration:2 African Girls

Am a lover of African Fashion without a doubt!I love the prints,i love kitenge but more so i love the Ankara fabric from the West Africa.The vibrant colours and patterns on the fabric give life to any outfit designed in  African fabric be it the Khanga,Kitenge or Ankara.That's why whenever i come across bold prints designed immaculately I feel proud to be African...Designers world wide have found a way of merging current fashion trends with the African Print.In this case I heart 2 African Girls Designs!their outfits are high end that's for sure.They designed an outfit for Draya that made a buzz all over the world,every one wanted a piece of that outfit!and for sure the lucky ones got the exact same one before it was sold out.

This young designers for sure are talented.They have done a couple of amazing outfits that i just adore and if you follow them on instagram am sure you can attest to these.One of their latest designs i came a cross recently is this one...

Their fashion line is edgy,bold,daring,elegant and classy!just my kind of style.

For More information on 2  African Girls Check out their facebook page  yes you can order this beautiful pieces from their online shop .

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