Outfit Post:High Waist African Print Skirt

Over the weekend,i attended Prinsloo 7's at Nakuru.As usual rugby events are full of hype,die hard fanatics who are just hilarious and you can't miss to see fashionable people around.What i wore on this day was a high waist African Print skirt,chiffon top,African print bangles and orange strap wedges.I went for the pretty chic laid back look.

What i love most about Rugby events is just the spirit of cheering the best teams but i personally cheer anyone with the ball who is running super fast to go score :) hope one day i can understand 100% what usually goes on in the pitch.

The weather at Nakuru was amazing its not as cold as it is in Nairobi.What i didn't like much was the night life the famous night clubs were fully packed and i can bet its peeps from Nairobi who are to blame!all the same i had an amazing time at Nakuru.
Am really struggling with editing my pics and they are taking forever to load...I will do another post on street style at Nakuru Prinsloo 7's as i had taken photos of fashionable people at the event.Here is just one of them the rest will be uploaded in my next post.

Thanks for reading my blog,i promise more photos about the event on my next post.Have a lovely evening.



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