Beauty: What's your skin type?

I can bet for a fact that most ladies can't tell their skin types and that's where the problem starts when we start applying make up before knowing what make up best suits us.I believe before you apply any make up on your face you should first know your skin type and use the right products  that's in terms of a cleanser,facial scrub,toner among other products.Another beauty mistake some ladies make is they use a product because they have seen a friend using it on them and it works well.The thing is it isn't a guarantee that the same product your friend or sister used on her face will also work on yours.
So the different skin types and their characteristics include:
Dry skin
Characteristics of a dry skin include dull and rough complexion.sometimes it kind of feels tight and itchy.The solution to this type of skin is to moisturize your face daily.
Oily Skin
Characteristics of oily skin include enlarged pores,dull or shiny thick complexion,black heads and pimples.My skin type falls in this category so what i usually do to take care of my skin is to at least use facial scrub twice a week on my face,and also i use a cleanser and moisturize.I prefer to use Neutrogena products as they work well for me and the good thing is they have facial products according to your skin type.I would recommend their products.
Sensitive Skin
Characteristics  for sensitive skin type include dryness and itching.Solution to these is to drink tonnes of water through out the day and of course apply moisturizer on your skin.
Combination Skin
Characteristics of combination skin include overly dilated pores,black heads,shiny skin.
Normal Skin
I think this is the best skin type to have as you have no or less imperfections,no severe sensitivity,barely visible pores and you have a radiant complexion.

I think as ladies we should take care of our skin daily because at the end of the day if you don't some make ups that you apply might back fire on your face,you start getting ugly pimples wondering what is going on and yet its all because you didn't pay attention to your skin type before applying make up.

Always remember to protect,heal and cleanse your skin because if you have smooth skin it radiates that you are healthy and you will definately feel and look younger!I think the secret to beautiful skin is to drink lots of water and cleanse your face more often,moisturize and NEVER sleep with your make up on.

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  1. i ve oily,acne prone skin...but i use some medicated soap it helps


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