Curvy and confident:Melissa McCarthy for Elle Magazine

Sometime this week i really wanted to do a post on curvy  women but just when i got to it i couldn't get words to express what i really wanted to share hope that makes sense,but yesterday when i came across Melisa's McCarthy cover shot on Elle and the whole criticism it brought got me thinking about plus size women ...i thought to myself..whats wrong with her appearing on the cover of Elle all covered up...i mean its not a bad thing at all...she still is beautiful if anything i love her hair and the expression on her face,she looks bold and confident.
The everyday norm of cover girls being less dressed on magazines is what most people are used to but it doesn't have to be the case all the time.I think she looks beautiful covered up and i think the stylists did a good job don't get me wrong but a change is as good as a rest once in a while.
I also tend to think there are certain limits plus size models cannot cross in the name of fashion for example if she had worn a fitting short dress with her cleavage showing,do you think it would look right?For a skinny model thats perfect but for a plus size it may convey a different message...just my thoughts  though!
 I came across this photos on pinterest on curvy ladies style that i thought i would share with you..

What are your thoughts and opinions about the curvy women and more so plus size you think they should be in the same league with the petite models when it comes to photo shoots??

Photos coutesy of yahoo and pinterest

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