Event Review:Nairobi Fashion Market

Its one event i have always looked forward to attending previously but i never had a chance but this year i knew i had to make time and attend the event...i didn't want to blog about it from a third party point of view like i did here in 2012 .What i love most about Nairobi Fashion market is that they give upcoming Kenyan designers a platform to showcase their designs for example one designer that i met and felt inspired by her collection is Sheena C .Her collection on the runway was amazing.
Apart from that i met other young designers who make stuff in terms of interior decor...African Print Inspired Seats,beaded place mats and mirrors among other stuff.This particular ones are by Jatu Designer I would really love to feature her  on my designer spotlight segment so that we see more of her  interior decor designs.

I also loved Afrovazi stall set up,it was too damn lovely kinda brought out the personality of the designer...chic and glamorous..

She had some colourful bags and shoes and an awesome personality...nice to meet you Kui!
Simbaress Fashions by Diana Nekoye,she also had amazing African  Print outfits

This other young designer Lisa from the feather tree also had some beautiful shoes winter boots to be precise..i think i forgot to take photos of what she was selling but i took a photo of her she looked gorgeous,from the photo you can spot the winter boots behind her..more details here


Flashy n colourful accessories by Vbrins i really liked them i was so tempted to buy the whole shop..lol

Now onto the Runway fashion show.I managed to take a few photos of Sheena C's designs...

Everyone who showed up at the event looked stylished.....and  i love capturing such moments to share with you my amazing readers...am also going to put up the same photos on my blog's facebook page feel free to tag yourself.

I will upload more photos on my facebook page.Thanks for checking out my blog.

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  1. niiiicceeeeeeeeee keep up the spirit

  2. loved the event


  3. Yes it was,were you there??i would love to meet you!

  4. yes i was there..would have loved to meet you too...

  5. Thanks Vonette :-) Didn't know you had featured our fashion designs on your blog. Many thanks again! We will be there this year again!<3

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