Strictly Men's Affair 4:Dapper Individuals

Its been a minute!Hope y'all had an awesome weekend.Mine was awesome way too awesome i just had to emphasize on that.I know i have been slacking much on my outfit posts but not to worry i will get back to it..very soon that's for sure.
Once in a while i like posting on men's fashion and to be honest nothing beats a man who is well dressed and of course wearing a cologne to die for,yes that's what turns us on :)!!

So what are this essentials that a man should atleast have in his closet?Well i came across this on pinterest and thought i would share it here....So this are the essentials from formal to official...its quite interesting!

Men can also play around with colours...but i think you really have to be bold to do it...and should also know which colours compliment you!

Eye candy for the ladies!!

I leave you with this awesome quote!

                                     Enjoy the rest of your week beautiful people!
                                                 Pics courtesy of pinterest

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