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I haven't put up a post in a while,something that am not really proud of!well the thing about me is that when am going through a particular phase  in my life,sometimes i tend to withdraw from blogging and i tend to focus on what's bothering me at that time.Again am not really good at opening up about my life on my blog,as i tend to focus strictly on fashion which is something i want to try and change.I would love to also let my readers know more about warned though! i suck at opening up!so please bear with me

So am going through a very strange and kind of new phase in my life that involves interacting with different people,and there is nothing as bad as when you over think about every move you make or even the things you say to them because you don't want to piss them off.Getting to learn and understand people for sure is such a hard thing its like a struggle to me because i haven't been through this in like a 5years,so pretty much i feel like giving up and going back to the same old life i was used to.
Apart from that am also going through a self discovery phase where am trying to figure myself out...because sometimes you think you know thyself...then you go through a situation that leaves you totally clueless and you like.....what was i thinking! better than that!..why did i do that?

I don't like situations that leave me vulnerable hurt and worst of all those that make you feel stupid...but then again such circumstances makes us learn something in one way or the other because i mean who would love to go through the same mistake again!so you end up figuring yourself out,like what makes you happy...which battles to fight and which ones to let go.
This path that am taking in my life is kinda exciting and scary at the same time because one minute am so happy the next am so sad but i can't give up on this "quest"am embarking on am hoping i will reach the finish line..
After all is said and done you should never give up on what you really want especially if you want it soo bad.
I will resume back to my fashion post soon enough if anything i might throw in a give away because i haven't done so in a very long time!n giveaways are so much fun and i believe my awesome readers/followers deserve it!

And i leave you with my favourite video of the week!I love the lyrics of this song by Pink.

Have an awesome day/evening/morning.



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