3 year Blogoversary!!!

I can't believe its actually been three years since i started blogging.It's been a journey and half and there is no way i would let this month pass without me mentioning it because its quite an achievement for me.

I started blogging in February 2011,back then all i knew was that i loved fashion so i would like just type a few sentences and add so many photos to make up a blog post and since i was so shy i only mentioned to a few of my friends that i had a blog....funny thing is i never even wanted to show my face on the blog so in 2011 there was no outfit post maybe just one.
In 2012 i came out of my "cacoon"so to speak and i actually started posting outfits on the blog and i even went ahead and opened a fan page for my blog on facebook (feel free to like it).I never really wanted so many people to know that i blog i was so shy and i was afraid of being judged.One thing i also learn't about being a blogger is that there is no way you can escape attention especially if you are  a fashion blogger.

Sometimes people stare at me in the streets because they see my face on the blog and when they meet me in person they are like i have seen you somewhere you look familiar...i always smile and tell them about my blog.
Some of the challenges i have experienced in fashion blogging is taking photos...sometimes it can be quite tough getting a good location to take photos leave alone people staring at you and wondering if you are model or what the hell is going on...i have learn't to be brave enough and take pics without caring what people think of me whether they are staring i really don't care i just do my thing.

I have to say 2013 was the peak of my fashion blogging career as i got to do a lot.....like attending most fashion events and taking  pics to post on the blog.I Also got to partner with different companies which was  a plus for me. I was so happy when  i started earning through blogging,all i can say is hard work and consistency which ain't easy in the blogging world is what got me here.

Getting invited to events is always an honour and when i got invited to the absolute fashion event i was really happy this  shows how much my blog is getting recognition. I really had a good time at the event as i got to network with various people in the fashion industries like Annabel and Ann Mcreath among others.

Fashion blogging for the last 3 years has been such an amazing journey for me full of ups and downs the best part about it is that i keep on learning and growing more and more.Am hoping  for the best this year.

So far I have written 137 posts  and my blog page views is currently at 60,066 and my face book like page is currently at 1,711 and on blogger i have 39 followers.May seem little to someone else but to me this is an achievement i intend to work hard as fashion is my passion am thankful to all of you who always read my blog and comment all that means a lot to me.

Before i leave though,i want to update you on my hair journey like i promised on my last post.I went and had my hair braided...i really love this braids..soft dreads by angel they are really funky,you would think its a weave but its actually braids.

Have an amazing week!Thanks for checking out my blog



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