Hair Journey New Beginings:Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair

For a while now i have been thinking about transitioning my hair to completely natural.Its going to be abit of a long journey for me to get there because am not for the idea of the BC(Big Chop) especially with my forehead i doubt if having a TWA(tiny winy Afro) will suit me..sigh!am even getting to know those abbreviations that are used by naturals on their blogs and forums :) well lets just say i have been doing thorough research on this.I don't want to start a hair journey then half way i give up,i want to be persistent to achieve the best results.

Different hairstyles i  had back in 2013
At the moment my hair is relaxed,i retouched towards the end of last month (January) and am planning to either braid my hair or weave it for like 4 weeks then i slowly begin to trim off the relaxed ends until my hair is completely natural.I will do this routine for the next like 6 months or less hope i will transition fully by natural sisters can advise me here if that's possible.

I have borrowed a few pointers on transitioning from a South African Blog:African Hair Blog 

Here is the advice she gives on her blog that i do intend to follow on my hair journey
  • Care need to be taken when you have two hair textures i.e. natural hair as well as the relaxed ends.  The line of demarcation where the natural hair meets the relaxed ends is quite fragile.  This is why in some cases you do not cut your hair but over time you realise you have hardly any relaxed ends left.  It’s because they have broken off!
  • Be very gentle with the hair.  Detangle from the ends towards the roots to prevent unnecessary breakage.  Remember that the line of demarcation makes your hair very fragile.  Always detangle with a wide tooth comb when your hair is wet and slippery with conditioner.
  • Make sure your hair is adequately moisturised.  Deep condition the hair regularly, once a week if possible.  If you choose to braid or weave the hair while transitioning, remember that your hair will need moisture even with these styles.
  • Practice more protective styling to help reduce breakage.
  • Use as little heat as possible.  Try and resist the temptation to flat iron your hair to match the two textures.
  • You may find that you need to change your products and use products more suited to natural hair.  Many women find that natural based products work best for natural hair.  Also the focus becomes more on moisturising and softening the natural hair.
  • Once again moisture, moisture moisture!!  Natural hair needs moisture!
I will keep you posted all through this amazing hair journey from the products i will be using to the protective hairstyles i will be rocking from time to time.Incase you have any advise for me in regards to this feel free to leave a comment.

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