Outfit Post:Florals and Patterns

Its been a minute i know!Sure feels good to be back though.I decided to take a break from blogging for a while reasons being i didn't have someone to take photos to post on my blog and at some point i felt like actually giving up on fashion blogging you know when you haven't blogged for a while then you start asking yourself is it even worth it getting back to it and sometimes i felt like my best wasn't good enough for fashion blogging and all....but i picked myself up and decided am going to do this whether i have a photographer or not because i have a crazy passion for fashion!So not to worry am still going to be here.
While i was on leave in January i managed to take a few pics of what i wore...i know its rather late to post the photos now but all the same i will put them up because i promised to do so.

The floral top i wore here my sis bought it for me from Mutindwa Market for Kshs 50,One thing i love about my sis is that she has this amazing talent of picking fashionable clothes from Mutindwa Market and when she wears them you wont believe she bought them from there,whenever i want something from Mutindwa and i can't make it to go there i usually tell her to go buy for me because i know she won't dissappoint.I paired the floral top with graphic jeggings which i also bought from Mutindwa market some time back,the moment i saw them i fell in love instantly,they were kshs 200 such a bargain!The shoes i bought them at some shop near View Park Towers in town.

My accessories the ring is my sister's my mum actually bought it for her,would you believe she bought it from those shops at river road,i can,t remember how much it was but i know it wasn't expensive.Ladies,let me let you in on a little secret...you see if you want some really cool accessories from neck pieces,rings and bangles the best place to buy them is from those beauty shops at River road,there are some shops that have really unique stuff.
As for my hair,i decided to change my look a little bit n rock short hair...which i really like i think i look nice in this particular hair style.Don't get it twisted though i didn't cut my hair i retouched it then did a straw set at Tony Airo's salon...It kinda looks like natural hair because of the curls but it isn't.At the moment that's how am rocking my hair i like it so much for a moment i thought of going natural because its so much stress free.
With this sunny weather in Nairobi i would recommend this hairstyle for the ladies.

I have one request before i go please submit my blog for the Kenyan Blog Awards 2014 here under  Best Fashion/Beauty/Hair/Style Blog I would really love to participate in this particular contest just for the thrill of it...so go on nominate my blog i would be honored!Thanks in advance.

Have a lovely week y'all and thanks for stopping by!



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