Recap of the Fashion Focus group meeting organised by Ann McCreath

Yesterday i attended Fashion Focus group at Kiko Romeo Shop,Yaya Center organised by Ann McCreath.The main focus of the group is to discuss the state of fashion in Kenya.You see the thing is Fashion in Kenya isn't out there like the way it should be so the main focus of this group is to bring together like minded people who are into fashion from designers,stylists,fashion bloggers,make up name come together and we get to discuss the way forward in this particular industry.

Ann came up with different topics that are relevant to the fashion industry and we divided ourselves into different groups to discuss the topics and later on we would present them to the rest of the group.
Lucky enough our group got to present first and our topic was on Structure & Finance where we looked at various categories in which one has to consider before setting up their Fashion Business for example Business Name Registration,Taxes,NHIF,NSSF Payments for your company and employees,company insurance the risks you have to consider before insuring your business,copyrighting your work,branding...e.t.c.On the Finance part of it we talked on the different loan facilities you can be able to access from the bank like Bank Loans,Bank Overdrafts among others.We discussed on the various aspects you have to consider before borrowing a loan from the bank like can your business afford to pay back the loan? again you must have a budget in place before you borrow money because you might end up spending the money on unnecessary things that you don't even need in the first place.

I really enjoyed the whole session as it was really educative as you get to learn so much that you thought you knew but in essence you knew nothing.I would highly encourage any one who is into the Business of Fashion to attend the next meeting which will be next week on Wednesday on the 19th from 7pm-9pm.Am already looking forward to it as i can't wait to learn from the other groups that will be doing their presentation on what they discussed yesterday.I believe if we all come together we can put Kenya out there on the global fashion map and at the end of the day its all about us supporting each other and more so learning from each other.It was also awesome seeing Annabel Onyango,Carol & Juelz,Bryan,Deejay shock,Nic O Junior of knit wear Models,Lillian of Kat many familiar faces that i only get to see on Facebook.Hope next time i will be able to take some photos.

Feel Free to join us for the next meeting.Thanks for stopping by!

Have an awesome week



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