Recap of the Fashion Focus Group Meeting at Kiko Romeo Shop,Yaya Center

Fashion Focus group meetings brings together individuals in the fashion industry & also fashion enthusiasts who want the fashion industry to grow in leaps and bounds.The discussions done at this meetings contribute to an action plan with time frames with people held responsible and accountable within the fashion industry.
Fashion Focus group meeting is held once a week on Wednesday evening from 7pm to 9pm at Kiko Romeo Yaya Center 1st floor.Anyone who is passionate about the fashion industry is welcome to join us.

The topic of discussion during this weeks meeting was on  Production.
A Strength,Weakness Opportunity,Threat(SWOT) analysis on Production was done and some of the points that were  discussed included:-
  • In house Production-which is  a strength and also a weakness.As a strength because in, in house production with your own sewing machine you make the outfit exactly as you would like it to be & as a weakness In house production in factories,sometimes the end product is not  the same as the sample given to them by the designers.
  • Art&Crafts produced in kenya are  unique selling point in the world market
  • Jua Kali sector is a strength in production because of the use of recycling materials used in production.
  • Piece Workers-they save designers time because alot of pieces can be done within  a short period of time.
  • Jewellery Production some local  jewellery designers produce good quality jewellery e.g Kazuri Beads
  • Technical skills from fashion students are half baked as their curriculum programme is not driven by what the industry requires.
  • Timely delivery-no matter how good you are if you can't deliver on time its pointless
  • Ethical Fashion-The Government makes it hard for kenyan designers to venture into ethical fashion but for foreigners they make it easy for them to venture into ethical fashion.Ethical Fashion projects should be audited.

  • Highly Skilled labour within and outside our country can be used in production
  • Kenya is recognised as an ethical fashion hub as international designers i.e Vivienne Westwood come to kenya to get certain products for their collections.
  • Ethical Fashion 
  • I.T Sector-they can come up with technology that can be used in production houses
  • Lack of technology
  • Mtumba Clothes
  • Cheap Imports from China
  • Chain stores e.g Mr Price,Woolworths
  • Lack of raw Materials for production
  • Ethical Fashion
 These are just among the many points that were  discussed during the meet up,as you can see its really insightful and very educative.Next week we'll be finishing up on the same topic and i will make a point on sharing the same with you all on the blog.If fashion is your forte  make a point of joining us on the next meeting.

Feel free to leave your comments/questions on what you think about the fashion focus group meeting and  i will be glad to help you.

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