Travel Musings:Kilifi & Diani Memoirs

Early this month,i decided to pack my bags and go on vacation as i badly needed a break from everything in my life.I settled for Kilifi town at kilifi back packers Distant relatives.I have been to Mombasa a couple of times but i had never been to Kilifi town.
I had such a great time there more than i had anticipated because i had gone there alone and i didn't think i would meet amazing people there,i met a couple of friends at the place where i was staying and we became really good friends that on the day i was to travel back to Nairobi i went with them to Diani South coast backpackers for a pool party!which was so much fun!

Before going to Diani back at kilifi i tried out snorkeling for the first time it was quiet a thrill for me,to be honest i know am a good swimmer but i fear swimming in the ocean but that day i overcame it but i had a floater though just incase.The experience was unforgetable i saw different types of fish you know those colorful ones you see on national geographic...the whole experience was so much fun.That rock am standing on is in the middle of the ocean and there were lots of fish hidding there.

I really don't have much to say about my travel but i really had a good time,i just needed to getaway for a week and just relax.The best place to stay in while at Kilifi is definately Distant relatives eco lodge accomodation is cheap and the best part is they have a communal kitchen where you can cook for yourself!So you don't get to spend so much on food!

I will get back to my normal blog posting from next week and i have good news i will tell you all about it next week!

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