Sunshine Award & 10 Random Facts about me

Miss Maureen Bandari awarded me the Sunshine award,how cool is that i was so happy!All the same this award comes with a price,i have to tell you 10 random facts about me,hmmmm i will try my best to make this interesting.Lets get straight into it,shall we..

1.I love to travel alot i used to hate it before because of being in unfamiliar places but now i enjoy travelling alot so much that i surprised myself when i went to Kilifi alone for a week,i had so much fun than i anticipated.
2.Am addicted to fashion magazines,i have a pile of fashion magazines in my house i like being up to date with the current trends around the world.
3.I love music especially rock,soft rock ,Nigerian music,a little bit of kwaito,r'n'b
4.I can dance to save my life for sure i used to be in a dance group in church some years back
5.I love my pet Damian so much he annoys me sometimes ,sometimesi feel like i want to give him away but i find  it very hard to let go of him because am too attached to him.I have had him for more than 1 year,i guess maybe thats why.
6.I enjoy going out  & having drinks with my friends and family
7.I enjoy watching rugby more than football
8.If am pissed or happy no matter how hard i try to hide my emotions they always show on my so you can imagine the faces i make when am pissed..hehehe
9.I love photography with all of my heart i enjoy taking pictures so much
10.I have been in a swimming competition before and i became number 3...i was so happy i couldn't believe it.

Ten Bloggers i would like to nominate

1.Tiny Micia
2.Lucia Musau
4.Gabrielle Mwangi
5.Sienna Barley
6.Kawiria Mercy
7.Winny James 
8.Miss Vavum
9.In Kare's world
10.Wanjiru's style

They are among my favourite Kenyan Bloggers,do check them out!

Enjoy Your Weekend beautiful people



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