Event Review: FAFA 2014

Waithira Qibuchi's Design

Festival for Fashion And Arts(FAFA) took place over the weekend on 31st May 2014 at The Oval Westlands and i must say the event was a success.Fashion lovers turned up in huge numbers and for sure most of the people who attended were dressed for the occasion.The designers did a fantastic job as the designs showcased on the catwalk fell nothing short of fabulousity,you could tell that the designers indeed worked tirelessly on their collection.I was really impressed.I won't say much now i will let the photos speak on my behalf.

Waithira Qibuchi's Design

Waithira Qibuchi's Design

Designer Waithira Qibuchi on the right with a model rockng her design

Shenu Hooda's Design

Shenu Hooda's Design

Shenu Hooda in the middle with the models

The audience

Me and Lucia

Model in Niku Singh Jewellery

Jewellery designed by Niku Singh

Niku Singh the designer behind the amazing jewellery

Nick Ondu's Design

Model in Nick Ondu's Design

Designer Nick Ondu
This are just a few photos of what the designers showcased,check out my FaceBook Page for more photos on the designers and more so of how the event was.Feel Free to tag yourself if you in any of them.Again i was really impressed!  All the designers who showcased...you all did a very Good Job!Am already looking forward to the next edition of FAFA.The event organisers,the models,the volunteers you all did a good job too and  it was such an honour to be part of  the media/fashion bloggers team covering FAFA from to start to finish.Don't forget to  check out my facebook page as i will post all the photos from behind the scenes to the fashion people who attended the event and what the MC's Maqbul and Grace wore.

A special shout out to my Photographer Eric of King's Photography for working with me on this!

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