Celebrating 100 days of African Fashion By Diana Opoti

 For a while now i have been keenly following Diana Opoti.I totally love her style and also am happy that she supports African Fashion more so the designers.Recently she started 100 days of African Fashion a personal challenge in which she wears outfits designed by different African Designers including David Tlale,Laleso,Anisa Mpungwe,Mille Collines,Katungulu Mwendwa,Duaba Serwa just to mention but a few.

I really like the initiative she has taken in supporting African designers apart from that she also hers a Fashion PR Firm offering fashion publicity, strategies and market intelligence for African brands looking to set up in Nairobi, Kenya.

I will be pinning her looks on my Pinterest so follow me so that you don't miss out on her looks.All the same you can check out her website 100 days of Fashion where she has updated all the outfits from the first day.

Photos Courtesy of Diana Opoti

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  1. Diana is amazing and i hope she wears my jewelry soonest.
    Nice post there....
    Keep on dear.
    Blessed week ahead.


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