Beauty:Best Face Forward

Many women ask, "Why wear make up?" And to them I say, "Why not?"Cosmetics are tools,used to help you put your best face forward,whether you simply slick on a lip gloss,brush your eyebrows and walk out of the door.The goal is to enhance your public face.
A finished face says a lot about you.That you've taken some time.That you care about yourself.That you have self confidence.That you are not ashamed to look pretty or glamorous or fresh or even adorable.
Make up does not require hours to apply.The idea is to enhance not mask,so a light touch with the correct products can make even the most natural face look finished and pretty.
 To achieve this look this is what I did & used :
  • I applied moisturizer on my face
  • Used black opal liquid foundation(Beautiful Bronze)to even out my skin
  • On my eye lashes I applied two coats of mascara(M.A.C Mascara)
  • Used 3 different shades of lipstick(sleek's Pearl Wine & Grape lipstick & M.A.C's Retro Matte Ruby woo)

Simple does it,huh??You can also check out my previous post on my make up routine here.Enjoy the rest your day beautiful people.

Photo Credits:Eric of Kings Photography

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  1. Love it. LOve it. LOve it. You have beautiful skin.

    You should have done a video tutorial of this.

  2. Thanks Winnie,when I get a nice camera i will start doing youtube videos


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