Introducing My shop Vonette Boutique

I have been eagerly waiting to share the news with you lovelies for the longest!I couldn't really talk much about it as I was busy trying to set up my shop and stock it with a few stuff and finally now am ready to make the big announcement!Yes my shop is now ready!Its basically a boutique full of fashionable trendy outfits,accessories,shoes,handbags you name it all things gorgeous!Like I mentioned earlier on this Post most of the outfits are custom made and a few pieces are ready to wear so at the moment you will need to pre order the outfits but in a few weeks I will have ready to wear outfits designed by yours truly Vonette!
The shop is located at Imenti House Along Tom Mboya Street,on First Floor Shop No 43:Vonette 
Boutique.Feel Free to pass by and shop!shop!In the meantime do check out our facebook page Vonette Boutique and you will catch a glimpse of whats at the shop and how much they are going for and feel free to get in touch with me incase you need anything or if you have any question on 0723049908.Here are a few stuff you will get to see and buy when you pass by our shop.



 African Print Clutch Bags

This are just a few of the stuff that are at the shop,feel free to pass by and you can also call me to place your orders on any of the stuff that you like.See you at Vonette Boutique!


  1. Lillyanna Nimmoh NyandiaOctober 22, 2014 at 3:28 PM

    Congratulations doll, pearl and the 3rd necklace, I am coming for you!

  2. Congrats, will pass by

  3. Thank you Wairimu,looking forward to seeing you at the shop

  4. Do you do tutorials?

  5. Congratulations, looks amazing :-)


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