Outfit Post:Skirting the issue

Happy Tuesday!!
Yesterday I was working on this post and started feeling drowsy because of the meds I had taken for this nasty flu I have.The thing is I haven't been going out for a long time now like the way I used to,clearly am getting old huh? so over the weekend I went ham..I went out 2 nights in a row Friday & Saturday Night and we sat outside the club on both nights and it was so cold .Let's just say am paying for it right now am sure that's how I caught this nasty flu.Today its not as bad as it was yesterday.

Hope you enjoying your week so far .

Outfit Details:

Pink chiffon top Mr Price

Flounce skirt Vonette Boutique

Nude Heels thrifted

Spiky detailed Neck piece Vonette Boutique

Sunnies Vonette Boutique

Photo Credits : Steve Inc Photography


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